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Taiwan International Water Week-Product list


Product list

  • BIZ Video Platform

    Description:Discover new solutions and connect with new suppliers

  • Benchmark Home Improvement

    Description:Plumbing Kitchen Products General Hardware Garden Locks Household Tools Door & Window Parts

  • Benchmark Tool

    Description:Introducing Taiwan auto repair tools, combined with short videos that buyers can easily scan and watch

  • Benchtop Water Quality Analyzer


  • Biodoor

    Description:Enjoying tasty meals may have side effects. Customers may realize that the aroma of delicious food they enjoyed sticks on their hair and clothes, making them more like malodor. Nobody wants to take back home malodor with them. Restaurants should provide customers deodorizing service. Place “Biodoor” near the door to safely and comfortably deodorize customers. It is very easy to install. Biodoor is portable with wheels and all you need to do is to dilute the SH200 deodorizer into the water tank and connect Biodoor to an electric outlet. Whenever a customer approaches near Biodoor, it will produce deodorizing fog which can cover the customer's body. Biodoor uses SH200 which is completely safe for the human body. Easy to install and easy to move No touch operation for mist spraying Eye catching presence, can be used to increase your brand value

  • By-Pass Level Transmitter

    Description:The By-Pass Level Indicator is installed outside of a vessel or tank. The liquid level in the tank can easily be observed from the change of the flag color. Optional devices of magnetic switch and level transducer can be added for electrical signal output and level transmitting.

  • Camlock Quick Couplings

    Description:Application / Features ■ Connection type : male thread / female thread / hose barb ■ Suitable fluid: water, hydraulic oil, air, powder, steam (PP couplings are suitable for water or air only) ■ Recommended environment: 》Stainless steel:corrosive environments such as chemical, petroleum and food processing. 》Aluminum:for agricultural drainage and irrigation. 》Brass:water, oil, mining. 》PP (with 25% glass fiber for better toughness): agriculture and chemical industry. ■ Suitable for quick connection of various fluids as well as soft and hard pipes let alone easy operation, affordable prices, and less time and labor consuming.

  • Compact Water Quality Meter


  • Company overview and product catalogue

    Description:Dilemma is committed to providing its customers with the best products and services in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning and heat pump applications.

  • Double-acting Reciprocating water-cooled oil-free high-pressure air compressor

    Description:1.The cylinder and cylinder head sprayed with Teflon treatment, the parts are not easy to rust, and the service life is longer. 2. Exhaust pipe and cooler, shell, partition all made of stainless steel. After the compressed air, the air is cleaner. 3. The first and second cyclone separators are equipped with automatic drains to prevent the water vapor damages parts during operation and have a more durable life. 4. The third-stage air outlet is equipped with a high-temperature trip device to prevent the exhaust valve failure due to excessive temperature and damage to parts. 5. The outlet of the cooler fitted with a temperature gauge. The maintenance person can rely on temperature judgment to do proper cleaning or maintenance. 6. Temperature and pressure detection determination and high pressure and high-temperature protection settings. 7. The structure of machine parts run in a balanced manner, with no need for foundation installation and fixing. 8. Simplicity adjustment of belt tension to ensure transmission efficiency and avoid transmission loss. 9. No basic engineering is required: due to the excellent machining of the crankshaft, the compressor balanced operation with minimal vibration to reduce time-consuming and laborious installation. It simplified the project construction. 10. Easy to transport, because the air compressor and the air barrel use the same base, so no need to reorganize and install when transportation.